Letters from the Road

Our In-Basin Notes series include a diverse array of observations such as operational comments conferred by public companies during earnings and/or investor conference season.  In addition, our In-Basin notes will also include our much desired observations from the road.  These off-the-record reports from in-basin meetings provide real-time market intelligence  In other cases, our In-Basin notes series will include profiles of emerging technologies.  Alternatively, these notes may simply confer our latest observations on the market.

Sector Reports

What we call our “thematic” reports, these will be deep dive reviews of individual sectors or topics.  As part of our diligence with these reports, we will reach out to relevant market participants to study emerging trends and opportunities as well as to ponder competitive threats.  The analysis will include interviews with not only market participants, but also with vendors and customers.  We will assess supply/demand trends as well as opine on a sector’s competitive structure.  These reports are designed to have shelf-life thereby providing those unfamiliar with an industry product or service a quick tutorial on the market.  What makes our In-Basin reports helpful is the fact we have such an extensive rolodex that we can speak to sufficiently large sample sizes in order to truly understand the latest business trends.  We also can leverage the Daniel Energy Partners’ Executive Advisory Committee, an experienced and diverse group of former industry executives.

We provide detailed sector reports which analyze multiple onshore oil service business segments including:

  • Pressure Pumping
  • Well Service
  • Land Drilling
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Wireline
  • Frac Sand and Logistics

These reports will be published annually or more frequently as needed. Our first reports will begin being published in the coming months.

Market Updates

We are often asked to speak to industry trade groups or simply present to company employees.  The presentation materials will provide high level market intelligence and observations.  For quick reads on market conditions, including our outlook on the oil service sector, the marketing presentations are a useful research tool.   Subscribers wishing to have Daniel Energy Partners present to their employees need only to inquire.