Field-Driven data gives you Real-Time Business Trends

Our research is field driven as this is the best way to understand the business. Frequent field tours and constant contact with our industry network keeps us abreast of real-time business trends. Yes, we actively listen to public company presentations as well as read their press releases, but we know through experience a disconnect and/or an information lag often exists between the field and corporate, hence the saying “trust, but verify”.

Our Industry Relationships

Because of our boots-on-the-ground approach, Daniel Energy Partners is blessed to know hundreds of executives and field personnel across every major U.S. onshore basin. These contacts (and friends) are a tremendous research resource as they have the best real-time perspectives on the business. Moreover, living and working in Texas is another key advantage in the research process as the day-to-day interaction with oil and gas professionals further supports one’s analytical and knowledge foundation.

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