Consulting and Business Advisory Services

We support investors and owners with the strategic planning process. This encompasses both M&A support and market sector analysis. Our key value proposition is expertise in select oil service business segments. We have participated in the M&A process internally at an oil service company and subsequently we have researched the risks/rewards of oil service M&A over the past twelve years. In many cases, we know the primary players within each core oil service vertical and we understand the competitive dynamics within these businesses. We also understand equipment quality and can assess field operations on your behalf. We do not seek to be your primary M&A advisor or your legal advisor. Rather, we leave that to the professional bankers and lawyers. We also do not provide stock recommendations. That said, we know our industry experience and market understanding can assist you in both the valuation and due diligence process of any potential transaction.

Oil Service, and Capital Equipment Market Intelligence

Good market intelligence supports the strategic planning process. Understanding the supply/demand characteristics within one’s business or even customer spending expectations can mitigate risk and allow for more informed decision making. Alternatively, knowing which competitors are performing well is important, but understanding why is even more critical. Frankly, these observations aren’t rocket science. Consequently, the need for this information is the reason why multiple research platforms exist. All attempt to gather and provide incremental data to support the decision-making process. The question is where does one obtain this data and is the data worthwhile?

Industry Relationships

Daniel Energy Partners is unique because of our deep industry relationships, a network which allows us to quickly understand emerging trends and/or perform due diligence services. This network wasn’t created overnight. Rather, it is a network developed over the past twenty years and one which extends across multiple segments, specifically capital equipment, E&P, Oil Service and the financial community.

Many of our relationships developed and strengthened through years of extensive field tours, a unique process which few intelligence platforms actually perform. We do not simply rely on company presentations or websites to validate what’s going on in the business. Instead, we go out and see it on a regular basis. Some do their annual field trip; others conduct the occasional Houston bus tour. This is nice, but it’s not enough. Our team frequents the field. We know where all of the major oil service facilities are located, not because we employ satellite services or Google. Rather, we go out and see it and meet the people in the local community. We pride ourselves on our boots on the ground approach. It has allowed us to personally know many of the major local OFS providers.


Our primary research is bolstered by our experience. With over 20 years in the business, we know the right questions to ask. This allows us to quickly find out what’s going on in the business. Finally, we supplement our field diligence with regular participation on public company earnings conference calls as well as attending industry conferences and other in-basin events. Together, the field research and our close personal relationships with so many enterprises provide the foundation to deliver clients with best-in-class ground level market intelligence.

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